LiveBall has been described as a "continuous doubles point" Geared towards improving your reflexes, instincts and movement on the court. LiveBall moves fast and challenges you to focus on game strategy, movement and working with a new partner in almost every game. You'll hit tons of volleys, overheads and passing shots as well!

LiveBall is very addicting! The match play builds comrade, cooperation and promotes the teamwork necessary for effective doubles teams to excel. Each time players rotate in they face a different opponent and see different styles of play.

The cost is $25 per player and all players must RSVP as there is a maximum of 8 players allowed per class. To RSVP you can send a text to (310) 686-1676 or email us at

Advanced level (3.5 and above player) LiveBall clinics are held on Tuesday and Friday evenings from 7-9pm. There are also mixed level (3.0 and above level players) on Saturdays from 11am-1pm and two sessions on Sundays, one from 9-11am and another from 11am-1pm.

If you'd like to join us just send an email to!

Got questions? Please ask!

Email us at